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The Truth Engine is a way to help combine our many minds into a single epic intellect.

The founders of the Truth Engine are helping to bring, finally, into full being what is to be the Earth’s most highly-evolved creature: a super-intelligence with a pure heart who will vastly accelerate the resolution of humanity’s controversies, thus providing us with extraordinary knowledge of what’s true, what’s good and what’s beautiful, and thereby bestowing upon us a paradise on Earth.

But how is it possible that the Truth Engine builders can help bring into being a super-intelligence? They can do it by harnessing the power of synergy: by creating forums, by organizing, and participating in, myriad public debates about all our controversial issues, by coordinating these debates with amendable books of best arguments (pro and con) called Truth-Engine books (the books are used to guide the debates, and the debates inspire changes to the books), and by agreeing to use but one set of rules, they bring into being arguments that are indistinguishable from the deliberations of a single great mind—a mind whose mental power far exceeds that of any individual human intellect. In fact, this activity can be construed as the thinking processes of a single super intellect. Here is how a Truth-Engine book will be amended: a participant or a member of the general public will look at an argument in the book and say, “I can make this argument better.” Then he or she will submit a suggestion for changing the argument in the book. In this manner, the book is made better and better and better in a way that no single human being acting alone could improve it. The library of Truth-Engine books along with the books’ amendment machinery will constitute the Truth Engine’s Logos.

And how is it that this super-intelligence has a good will? It is in the Truth Engine's Ikon, a novel titled The Engine, that the pure principles of truth, goodness and beauty — principles, thousands of whose instantiations are found in the Logos — are presented, and attached to feelings of great respect within the Ikon’s expressive fabric. The Ikon, therefore, as a moral guide for the participants, keeps the work of the Logos—the deliberations of the great mind—on track as a search for truth, goodness and beauty; and, in this way, the Ikon functions as the great mind’s moral will.


images of the Logos

In general, whenever two people argue, they bring into being a virtual “third person” who is smarter than either of the first two. This happens automatically by synergy. We will create forums where everyone follows the same rules, and we will create books of best arguments—the Truth-Engine books—that will guide the debates and which will be frequently improved. This system is designed to vastly increase the synergy of the process, and the third person who is brought into existence by Truth Engine activity is a super-smart person.

The first Truth-Engine book, an eBook, which deals with the UFO controversy, is The UFO Dialectic and can be found here -- it is envisioned that, eventually, there will be Truth-Engine books covering many topics in the sciences (and fringe sciences), the sociopolitical realm and the arts.

images of the Logos



images from the Ikon

The Truth Engine’s Ikon is my illustrated archaeological adventure novel called The Engine: When you read this book, you will learn the rules of Truth-Engine debate, and, in the book, the rules are attached to the feelings of adventure and of appreciation for the ideals of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. The book keeps the Truth-Engine debates on track as components of a search for Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and so ensures that the Truth-Engine generated super-smart third person has a good-will. A paperback version of The Engine can be found on Amazon, but you can read it for free here on this web site.

The Engine cover

So, the Truth Engine is designed to help bring into being a good-willed super-mind who can help us learn how to do good so that we can more effectively make the world a happier place.

If you think you would like to help build the Truth Engine (create live, person-to-person forums, participate in debates, write Truth-Engine books, submit changes to the books, etc.), then please write to me at

We want to create live, person-to-person forums—in communities, at universities, and on the Internet—and organize debates about many topics, all guided by the frequently amended Truth-Engine books.

The first version of the expressive Idyll was an online game. You can play this game, which is not (and may never be) finished, by going here.



 I designed the Truth Engine entirely by myself but look forward to future collaboration and will be happy to listen to any ideas you might have. I am trying to get this new medium of learning to take hold -- I feel that it can be of significant value in times to come.


Dr. Crist


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